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Strengthening women’s role in peace (EC)


The aim of the proposed action is to facilitate the implementation and monitoring of the newly approved Afghan National Action Plan (ANP) on UNSCR 1325 at the local and provincial level.During the implementation of the proposed action, proposed dialogues and actions plans would focus on Participation (Objective 1) and Protection (Objective 3) as detailed in the ANP. 

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Citizens First (Oxfam Novib) 

This project aims to build the capacity of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in evidence-based advocacy in the field of human security. Advocacy committees have been established at the district, provincial and national levels out of those CSOs who have accessed the PTRO advocacy training. CSOs will also receive training in good governance and public participation as well as budget tracking. To complement this work with CSOs, district authorities and civil servants will be trained in advocacy, policy and policy formulation. The hope is that by training both CSOs and public servants in these topics, public accountability and the quality of public services will increase. 


Civil Society Legislative Monitoring and Advocacy (USIP)

A well-informed, well-educated and involved civil society is vital for legislative development that is reflective of the population it is meant to guide, govern and control. An active civil society is not only likely to generate a more reflective, and therefore more legitimate legal code, but law passed at the national level are more likely to be implemented at the provincial and local levels. In essence, the national and local levels must be brought closer to one another.

 pdf-icon New Afghan Men: Marriage, Masculinities and Sexual Politics in Afghanistan Kabul – September 2016.  The Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI)-Norway and Peace Training and Research Organisation (PTRO) have been awarded a three-year research grant by The Research Council of Norway (RCN) to jointly implement, together with the Department of Anthropology, University of Sussex (UK) an exciting new project entitle New Afghan Men? Marriage, Masculinities and Sexual Politics in Contemporary Afghanistan. The research uses marriage and family relations as an analytical entry point to understand broader gender relations and ideologies, notions of love/intimacy and forms of personhood, and changing marriage practices in the context of post-2001 Afghanistan.
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