Women and Youth Empowerment

Women and youth empowerment is an important component of PTRO’s peacebuilding programme. The key motivation for this programme comes from local communities, stressing the need to focus on women and youth groups and their future in order to counter the growing levels of violent extremism and radicalization in society. The focus will be on women and youth organizations, their leaders and individual activists, and include provision of legal education, awareness-raising and critical reflections and debate on Afghanistan’s contemporary challenges.

Strengthening women’s role in peace is an European Commission funded project that helps to facilitate the implementation and monitoring of the newly approved Afghan National Action Plan (ANAP) on UNSCR 1325 at the district and provincial levels. The project will focus on promoting dialogues among stakeholders and ensure the following key objective as detailed in the ANAP: Participation (obj. 1) of women in public life and Protection (obj. 3) of women from violence and intimidation.




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