Good Governance

PTRO’s good governance programme provides democracy and human rights training to government officials and local civil society organisations and activists. This programme aims to carry out extensive studies on the role of civil society, particularly community based groups, in promoting accountability, transparency and citizen participation in governance. Inclusive participation of women and youth in public life is an effective way of ensuring transparency and accountability in development programmes at both the national and sub-national levels. 

Citizens First is an Oxfam-Novib project that helps build the capacity of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in evidence-based advocacy in the field of human security. Advocacy committees have been established at the district, provincial and national levels in three provinces (nine districts in total). CSOs will also receive training in good governance and public participation as well as budget tracking. To complement this work with CSOs, district authorities and civil servants will be trained in advocacy, policy and policy formulation. It is hoped that by training CSOs and public servants in these topics, public accountability and the quality of public services will have increased. 




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