Good Governance training workshop in Nangarhar province


The five days training workshop for local youths on Good Governance was held at the Nangarhar city; Jalalabad from Saturday 29th Aug to Wednesday 2nd Sept 2015 which was funded by Oxfam Novib.  Thirty participants, 35% of them female, that included local youths of Shewa district and provincial council members of Nangarhar province attended the training. PTRO is working with the youth and elected provincial council members to promote governance through advocacy in three provinces of Nangarahar, Takhar and Herat. This workshop is the first step of a series of trainings and advocacy campaigns that will provide a space for the youth to peacefully engage with their local state bodies and contribute to responsive policies at local level. PTRO appreciates the active participation and enthusiasm of the youth in Shewa district and thanks the provincial council members of Nangarhar for their support and participation.